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The success of your business depends on your ability to recognize inflection points to take the right steps to put your business back on track with the right kind and amount of momentum to fuel further growth. If you don’t recognize when your business is at an inflection point, you could put it in jeopardy. Not only will your business be denied the opportunity to develop strategically, but you will also be unable to meet an important need. The best solution is to prepare for the inflection points before they happen and make sure you know how to recognize one when you see it.


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John VanDeventer Moon

John VanDeventer Moon

I was born in South Korea, adopted into a family in United States when I was 10 years old, grew up in Bellmore, Long Island, NY and worked in Wall Street as an Investment Banker for 30 plus years – Deutsche Bank, Alliance Capital, DrKW, HVB, JPM Chase,and others. I am a major sports enthusiast – baseball, football, golf and love to travel around the world.

I graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook University with a BA in Economics and Business and proud to have been a FINRA & SEC licensed Series 7 and 63 for 27 plus years.

I now work with Domestic and International clients in all industries including in Financial, FinTech, Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense, and and many more. I have been fortunate to have played key roles in large financial institutions and in startups, which has afforded me insights of how to bridge the potential growth or expansion and improve their cash flow. I am well respected among my industry peers for developing strong relationships, comprehensive consulting and superior business development.

Sung E Ahn.

Email: Sung@S-CurveLLC.Com

Cell: (714) 357-9191

Authentic – Dedicated – Consummate Professional

These are the words that best describe who I am. Authentic denotes confidence, trust and transparency, traits I consistently strive to achieve. Dedicated inspires me to work harder than expected in pursuit of success and happiness. Consummate Professional assures you I will strive to make our relationship profitable.

My background in finance on Wall Street through the 1980’s, biotech analytics on the West Coast through the 1990’s and sales/customer service success in the 2000’s were all responsible in developing those three attributes. A competitive spirit in golf adds to my desire in bringing the best experience to you.

Sung E Ahn.
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S-Curve,LLC is preferred distributor of the following companies:

Medetech Corporation

MedecideTM is the powerful antimicrobial formula scientifically tested and proven to protect, prevent and control environmental contamination.


Rapid IgM-IgG Combined Antibody test for Coronavirus COVID. New rapid test provides accurate COVID-19 infection diagnosis in 10-15 minutes.

Osang HealthCare

GeneFinder™ COVID-19 Plus Real Amp Kit is the One-Step Reverse Transcription Real-Time PCR Kit designed to detect Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) qualitatively through


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